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SRB Civil Engineering are proud to announce that the A477 from St. Clears to Red Roses is now open. See below for the A477 road improvement brochure.

A477 Trunk Road

CEEQUAL Awards 2014
The A477 St Clears to Red Roses Improvement team is proud to have been awarded An Excellent Score (90.4%) in the CEEQUAL Awards Scheme. The award is the Institution of Civil Engineering’s scheme to assess a project’s performance in terms of sustainability, appearance and its contact with the public. The award was achieved as a result of a whole project assessment on its completion.

A477 Project Team receive the CEEQUAL "Excellent" Award (90.4%) at the recent ICE Wales Dinner on the 13th June 2014

A477 Project Team receive the CEEQUAL “Excellent” Award (90.4%) at the recent ICE Wales Dinner on the 13th June 2014


This website has been designed to give you the latest information for the A477 St Clears to Red Roses Improvement Scheme. If you require any information that is not currently posted on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) project which means the Contractor has been appointed at an early stage in the Scheme’s ongoing development.

In September 2009, the Assembly Government appointed SRB Civil Engineering Ltd, as the ECI Contractor for this Scheme. SRB is a joint venture company formed by two of Ireland’s leading civil engineering contractors, John Sisk & Son and Roadbridge. They are supported by engineering and environmental consultant Ramboll (formerly Gifford).

Scheme Overview

Welsh Government’s Prioritised National Transport Plan stated the improvement of the A477 between St Clears and Red Roses was to start in 2012-2013. This announcement followed the Improvement’s Public Local Inquiry in June 2011.

The A477 from St Clears all the way to Pembroke Dock is one of the main links from the M4 motorway into Pembrokeshire. It forms an important part of the Welsh Government’s strategic road network. This 9.3km scheme will bypass the villages of Llanddowror and Red Roses, cross the River Hydfron and pass through several environmentally sensitive areas including the Taf Valley. It will greatly improve the alignment of the road, raise safety standards and improve journey times and journey time reliability.

Scheme Map

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A477 Scheme MapThe existing A477 trunk road from St Clears to just west of Red Roses follows a sub-standard alignment for most of its length. Very few overtaking opportunities exist and the horizontal and vertical alignment, forward visibility, junction standards and the general carriageway and verge widths are well below current design standards.

There are only limited pedestrian facilities in both Llanddowror and Red Roses. Opportunities for improvements in the villages are restricted by the close proximity of properties to the carriageway edge. The length of the road between the villages follows a tortuous alignment through a wooded valley and the relatively steep gradient along this length, added to the sub-standard alignment, results in delays and frustration for road users. There have been numerous accidents along this length of trunk road in recent years.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

CCS reg Logo boardsThe A477 St Clears To Red Roses Road Improvement Project has been registered under the Considerate Constructors Scheme. This means the site is audited regularly by an external independent auditor against a Code of considerate practice. The code of practice covers how the site maintains a good appearance, how it works with the local community, how the environment is protected, how the safety of workers and visitors is maintained and how the welfare of workers on the site is looked after.

The A477 site achieved a score of 41 out of 50 following the last audit in June 2013. The site report from the Monitor can be viewed by clicking on the link: Monitor’s Site Report June 13

The site also secured a Bronze award in the national site awards  in 2013, placing it in the top 7.5% of considerate construction sites in the UK. A news story about this achievement can be viewed here.

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A477flickr Click the image above to see photos of construction in Flickr