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Archaeology 7

As in any construction site, thorough investigations were carried out - during the design phase and as the construction phase commenced - along the route of the new road project to find out what information could be found and recorded to improve our understanding of our and future generations’ understanding of the history of this area.

Archaeology 4

Though post excavation analysis has not yet been completed the following preliminary conclusions can be made:

The project area was shown to have extensive prehistoric activity, including:
•Prehistoric activity dating to the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic
•Extensive early to middle Bronze Age activity
There was evidence of possible zoning of activity:
  • Land near the site compound may have been an almost exclusively funerary landscape in the Bronze Age, being kept ‘ritually clean’ and largely devoid of any other forms of activity
  • Agricultural areas near the Ciffig Junction area
  • Exploitation of the Afon Taf flood plain (hunting and fishing)

Attached below is a presentation put together to summarise some of the early findings (Just click on the link. More information will be available in due course.

Archaeological findings presentation

Archaeology 12

Iaith / Language

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